Organic food is simply a green cycle of life-saving life. It does not contain chemical components that are free of life. It is a natural nutrient cultivated by microorganisms or naturally converted to breed various edible plants, and there is no threat to human health. This includes vegetables, fruits, eggs, various meats, and so on. In short, it is a natural, harmless, healthy food that is good for the human body.

Certified organic foods mainly include general organic crop products such as grain and fruits. (including organic strawberries, organic apples, etc.), vegetables (including organic lettuce, organic tomatoes, organic cucumbers, etc.), organic tea products, organic edible fungi products, organic livestock and poultry products, organic aquatic products, organic bee products, collected wild products And processed products using the above products as raw materials. The organic foods sold in the domestic market are mainly vegetables, rice, tea, honey and so on.galvanized steel coils


  1. Use of organic fertilizer: In the process of planting organic food, only organic fertilizers, such as peanut bran, horny tablets and bone powder of animals, will be used. These natural materials will minimize the pollution and load on the soil.
  2. The use of organic pesticides: in addition to the cultivation method is organic, the pest control process will also use organic pesticides, very natural, in order to achieve ecological balance, maintain biodiversity, so that food does not contain toxic or long-term residual chemical additives, pigments and Chemical preservatives, etc., have great benefits for both health and the environment.
  3. To obtain organic certification: different countries are defined as “organic farming”, in the United States, all products using the word organic, are regulated by usda national organic program, nop. There are also different official or private certification bodies around the world. They will provide certification services according to the standards they have established. The soil association and the European ecocert are examples. Among the many certifications, obtaining ocia and US usda certification is more guaranteed.

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