The rise of single crystal products and the success of PERC technology have stimulated the “neural” of the entire Chinese PV industry. The photovoltaic company continues to expand the capacity of single crystal PERC while the other side is “confusing” to the direction of the next generation of mainstream high-efficiency technology.Steel Profile suppliers

New cycle of photovoltaic technology change

In the next market high point battle, everyone wants to get ahead.

From the just-concluded SNEC exhibiting components, some companies have already laid out the layout in advance and chose TOPCon technology.

The technology to achieve the highest component power in this year’s show comes from the CP combination of heterojunction and shingle. Since the double-sided rate of the heterojunction is more than 90%, under the normal reflected light, the components with double-sided heterojunction fusion technology are up to 500W, heterojunction technology is increasingly used in the development and production of ultra-efficient components.

TOPCon will be a transition, it has strong compatibility with the original equipment, can make the equipment have a longer life, which is an intermediate step for some enterprises that have accumulated a lot of capacity, which is also some battery components. One of the reasons why the factory turned to TOPCon.

Conditions for heterogeneous scale large-scale investment.

The heterojunction battery has a series of advantages such as high conversion efficiency, simple manufacturing process, thin silicon wafer application, low temperature coefficient and no photo-induced attenuation. At present, the highest efficiency of the laboratory has reached 26.6%, and the production efficiency of the production line is over 23%. Has a higher efficiency boost than other battery technologies.

In addition, the double-sided power generation characteristics of the heterojunction battery are also in line with the current trend of double-sided power generation. Under the multiple advantages, the heterojunction is regarded as the next-generation ultra-high-efficiency battery technology with the most industrial potential.l profile steel

When the disruptive technology is mature, it will not ask the production line and is not compatible.

As the industry develops toward more efficient and higher power, enterprises have more urgent needs for the integration of high-efficiency technologies. However, because heterojunction is a different technical route, compatibility with other high-efficiency technologies is certain. Difficulties, this has become a place where many companies stop to wait and see and even be criticized.

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