What is aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise refers to the physical best equipment for home gym exercise of human body under the condition of sufficient supply of oxygen. That is, in the process of exercise, the oxygen inhaled by the human body is equal to the demand, reaching a physiological balance. In short, aerobic exercise refers to any rhythmic exercise with a longer time (about 15 minutes or more), and the intensity of exercise is medium or medium (75 to 80% of the maximum heart rate). Aerobic exercise is a constant movement, which lasts for more than 5 minutes and has spare force.

What is anaerobic exercise

1. anaerobic exercise refers to the high-speed and violent exercise of muscles under the condition of “hypoxia”. Most of the anaerobic movement is a high load intensity, strong instantaneous motion, so it is difficult to last for a long time, and the fatigue elimination time is slow.

2. anaerobic exercise is relative to aerobic exercise. During the course of exercise, the metabolism of the body is accelerated, and the accelerated metabolism needs to consume more energy. The energy of the body is obtained by the decomposition and metabolism of sugar, protein and fat in the body. When the amount of exercise is small, such as jogging and dancing, the energy supply of the body mainly comes from the aerobic metabolism of fat.

Difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise

1. aerobic exercise refers to the aerobic decomposition and metabolism of human body during the exercise, which reflects the body to exercise in the condition of full supply of oxygen, and energy is generated by metabolism of sugar, fat and amino acids to supply the body with energy. It is characterized by low intensity, rhythm and long duration. The main purpose of aerobic exercise is to improve your heart rate and exercise your heart.

2. anaerobic exercise refers to the high-speed and intense exercise in a short time until exhausted and oxygen supply is insufficient. Or human sugar can not keep up with the decomposition of oxygen, but rely on “no oxygen for energy supply”. That is, the sugar in the body produces energy to supply the body with the oxygen free fermentation. Anaerobic exercise will make the workload of heart and lung suddenly increase, which makes people panting and sweating. For people with less robust cardio pulmonary function, it will lead to adverse consequences.

  • whether the exercise you do belongs to aerobic exercise can be judged by heart rate. Usually, the heart rate of aerobic exercise is usually about 130 times a minute, which is what we call “golden heart rate”. If the heart rate reaches 150 times per minute, the exercise will begin to metabolize for the mixture of aerobic and anaerobic. If the heart rate reaches 160 times per minute, or even more than 180 times, the exercise is already anaerobic.

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