Ben Nevis Information

Ben Nevis April update

In the documents attached there is information about Ben Nevis and climbing the mountain. There are also details on transportation.

Please do read it. Not only does the Ben Nevis Facts document contain information about how long it should take to climb and descend the mountain, but it also has some really important safety information. The photo above was taken in July! This is not intended to put people off, but it is really important that those wishing to climb Ben Nevis have a reasonable fitness level and are prepared in terms of clothing and the expectation of the climb (it’s a mountain, not a big hill!). But as long as we ensure are sufficiently prepared – it will be a great trip!

Please remember whilst this is a team effort, you are responsible for your own fitness level and safety on the mountain.




Here is a good website that details information for mountain walking:

Below is an advisory training plan for 8 weeks prior to walking the mountain. You should be of moderate fitness (i.e. be able to walk for 20 miles or jog for 1/2 hour).


Below is an advisory list of equipment:


Below is the presentation from the 27th January: