NSK has additionally fostered its NSKHPS reach to incorporate huge Cylindrical Roller Bearings (OD 180-400mm).

HPS CRB’s accomplished 2x’s more extended exhaustion existence with 23% higher essential burden rating contrasted with traditional items. The passable misalignment is 4′ which is 2x’s bigger than regular.

APTSURF is the aftereffect of bearing improvement. The mix of NSKHPS and APTSURF brings about expanded Split cylindrical roller bearing supplier existence of 60% with a 55% decrease of RMS vibration

To forestall electric pitting, NSK created PPS-Resin Coating Insulated Bearings and Ceramic Coating Insulated Bearings. Connection among temperature and protection obstruction of PPS-protected bearings was evaluated. Accordingly, no weakening of protection opposition up to 110° C was noticed.

The fundamental benefits of Cylindrical Roller Bearings are their fast capacity, simple upkeep and capacity to either permit or limit pivotal development. NSK’s CRB bearings have a more modest external width and a lower weight than Tapered or Spherical Roller Bearings for a similar burden limit. They permit the free arrangement of their pivotal leeway.

Item Features

Accessible with 4 distinct pens:

  • Pressed Steel Cage
  • Machined Brass Cage
  • Polyamide Resin Cage
  • L-PPS Resin Cage


Expanded Bearing Life up to 60%

Enhanced Internal Design

Decrease of upkeep cost


NSK’s EW Series of Cylindrical Roller Bearings include high burden conveying ability and elite squeezed steel confine. EW is sutiable for a wide assortment of modern applications and is completely tradable with ISO standard additional limit roller bearings.

Condition Description

High Load

High velocity

High Temperature

Low Noise




Electric Motors

Fans and Blowers

Mechanical Pumps and Compressors

Material Handling



Force Transmission

Quarrying, Mining and Construction

Wind Energy

Item Features

High strength and wear safe squeezed steel confine

Prevalent roller direction from confine pocket plan

Pen strength expanded 1.5 – multiple times

Commotion decrease because of confine balance

Controlled shape rollers

Up to 30% expansion in load rating

Pen strength is more prominent than significant contenders

10 – 25% higher restricting velocity over ordinary series

30 – 40% commotion decrease (3 – 7dB calmer) and vibration decrease

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