Russian as one of the biggest countries from economy and geography own traditional culture and religion. How is about Russian religion and culture? My good friend from Russia narrate her motherland to me from religion to related culture. As a oversea student ever studied in China and worked at, sinosources, the largest B2B trade platform in China. She also know this old and mysterious great country very well. However, let us know about Russia with its religion first.

Russian Culture

Russia is a country with multiple ethnic. In Russian Federation, Russians occupy 79.83% of the population, while more than 180 ethnic minorities live in it. Historically, Russian culture, based on Russian and Eastern Orthodox Church, dominated Russia, but this cultural advantage was sometimes not comprehensive. It should be pointed out that Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Poland and other Slavic countries have played the great roles in the development of Russian culture.


Artificial culture (also is called man-made culture) is an art object with marks and symbols. Man-made culture is made of all kinds of things that humans make and process – in addition to include the various phenomena in human social life: Science, superstition, art and Folklore. In the long history of the past millennium, Russians have created a wealth of human culture and art.


The most widely used language in Russia is Russian, which is also the official language of the Russian Federation according to Chapter 69 of the Russian Federal Constitution. However, except Russian in the Russian Federation, there are 7 languages with more than one million native speakers. According to the Constitution, republics in the Russian Federation also have the right to prescribe their own official language, and in fact they are using it. For instance, Apart from Russian, the official languages of the Karachai-Chelks Republic (in Russian as Карачаево-Черкесия) are Abaza, Karachai-Balkar, Nogai and Chelks. Despite efforts to preserve linguistic diversity in many areas, Russia even had a tendency to replace languages in the Soviet era by Russian.


Russian Religion

About Religion in Russia, there are main religions such as Eastern Orthodoxy, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism. The Russian Orthodox Church is the largest religion. The number of believers is unclear, but there are reports that it accounts for about 48% of the population. Orthodox religion originated from the Savior belief of Greek civilization. It was famous for the Byzantine Empire and the state religion of the Russian Empire in the eastern part of the Roman Empire. Eastern Orthodox Church as Russian is about Православное христианство.


Buddhism: mainly distributed in Russian Federation, the city of tuat, tuvala, and the km. Some in Siberia and the Far East.


Islam: There are about 150,000 to 200,000 Muslims, most of whom live in the Volga-Ural region, as well as in the Caucasus, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Siberia.


Russian religious beliefs are related to ethnic groups. The Slavs mainly believe in Orthodox Eastern Church, the Turks mainly believe in Islam, and the Mongolian nationality are generally Buddhists.

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