Our website is one of global interest!

Since December, our website has an average 290 visitors a month, it also has on average 36 posts a month (yes, that’s more posts crammed into a month than there are days!).  But not all these visitors are based in the UK, people are looking at us from across the globe, as the picture and stats from the month of May demonstrate below. The people who … Continue reading Our website is one of global interest!

The Church in Parliament

A very brief article from the Church of England on how the Church interacts with Parliament. The Church of England, as the established church, is represented in Parliament in several ways. In the House of Lords, the 26 most senior English archbishops and bishops sit as the ‘Lords Spiritual’. In the House of Commons the Second Church Estates Commissioner – traditionally an MP from the … Continue reading The Church in Parliament

A prayer for today

Following today’s horrific event at the Manchester Arena, this is a prayer taken from the Church of England website. It seemed an appropriate prayer for the children whose innocent lives we cruelly lost today. For those who mourn O God, who brought us to birth, and in whose arms we die, in our grief and shock contain and comfort us; embrace us with your love, … Continue reading A prayer for today

A great political debate in Bransgore

Last night St Mary’s was packed-out as the audience was treated to a cup of tea as they entered the church, and a respectful yet interesting and feisty debate. It must be said our Vicar Ben did a fantastic job of chairing the event – Bransgore’s very own David Dimbleby (or should that be Jeremy Paxman?).  The candidates presented themselves fantastically. In an area which … Continue reading A great political debate in Bransgore