me-and-hermioneOver 200 lovely people see themselves as regular members of our churches. Here are some of the ones you might want to get in touch with.


The Revd Dr Ben Sargent is the vicar of Bransgore and Hinton. He is married to Kelly and they have six(!) children. Ben became a follower of Jesus Christ as a teenager when he first heard Jesus’ message explained clearly from the Bible. He loves road cycling and will meet up with anyone who wants to explore the lanes of the New Forest at high speed! He has a blog with details of his writing and speaking at He can be reached on 01425 672850 and emailed using

Get in touch with Ben particularly if you want to find out more about our Jesus Christ, our churches or if you’re planning a funeral.


Fiona Beale is our associate minister, responsible for overseeing our youth and children’s ministry, our prayer ministry and so much more! Fiona is into all things outdoors and comes to our parish with a hugely varied professional background in everything you could imagine, from doing terrifying motorcycling stunts to rearing sheep.



Shirley Messinger is the benefice administrator. She’s the one to talk to if you want to plan a wedding or a baptism. Shirley is married to Phillip and they have two grown-up children and three grand-children. Shirley is particular good at making bead jewellery and enjoys going on foreign adventures in her campervan. Call Shirley on 01425 674213 and email



Jenny Miles is the Parish Administrator for Bransgore and Thorney Hill Parish. Jenny is married to Derek and they have two teenage children. Jenny is the best person to talk to for anything to do with our facilities in Bransgore, such as hiring the church hall. Jenny is also our church safeguarding officer. Jenny can be contacted in the office on 01425 674213 or using