By supplanting strong spherical roller bearings on a vehicle bodywork washer transport line drive with split spherical roller bearings and coordinating with lodgings from Schaeffler, a vehicle maker in Spain has altogether diminished the time it takes to supplant harmed bearings, bringing about decreased upkeep costs and diminished personal time of the washer plant.

With 11,000 representatives and deals incomes of around 4.8 billion euros, the Spanish vehicle producer produces around 400,000 vehicles each year. Vehicle bodyworks are cleaned in a bodywork washer preceding being painted. The help lives of the first (strong) spherical roller bearings introduced on the washer transport return unit were decreased by the cruel working conditions.

Each time a harmed bearing in the transport line drive required supplanting, creation must be halted for somewhere around four to five hours while the bearings were gotten off and supplanted. To lessen these impromptu closures, the client requested Schaeffler to improve on the substitution from the bearings.


The best arrangement was to supplant split spherical roller bearing the strong spherical roller bearings with Schaeffler’s split spherical roller bearings and coordinating with lodgings. Because of their unique plan, these bearings are a lot simpler to mount. The utilization of split spherical roller bearings decreases the time it takes to supplant bearings, especially in regions that are hard to access like shafts with numerous backings.

In a split bearing, the inward ring, external ring and roller-and-pen gathering are split into equal parts that are clasped together utilizing screws. A round and hollow bore gives direct mounting onto the shaft, which implies the bearings commonly offer high push loads and powerfully make up for any misalignment. Likewise, by utilizing a split form of the bearing, many phases of the mounting and getting off measure are excluded. This implies that personal times – and any related expenses – are decreased fundamentally.

Persuaded by an item show, the client requested that Schaeffler supplant the bearings and lodgings in the vehicle bodywork washer transport line drive. Experienced fitters from Schaeffler supplanted the traditional bearings with extraordinary plummer block lodgings fitted with lip type seals and split spherical roller bearings. What’s more, FRM140/12.5 bearing rings from Schaeffler were introduced at the finding end, which implied that it was simply important to change the washer machine bed to change the shaft hub to the right reference stature. Supplanting the bearings currently requires considerably less time – 30 minutes instead of 4 to 5 hours – bringing about altogether diminished washer vacation and expanded washer accessibility.

Contingent upon the vehicle model, creation misfortunes coming about because of a 4-5 hour bearing substitution can be pretty much as much as 500 bodyworks. By supplanting these bearings with split spherical roller bearings, creation misfortunes are diminished to 180 bodyworks. Just as lessening the time needed to supplant (for example descent and mount) the bearings, split spherical roller bearings from Schaeffler are likewise simple to stock because of their secluded plan; a similar lodging size is reasonable for various shaft sizes.


Commonplace applications for split spherical roller bearings incorporate belt drives, paper machines, blending and mixing plant, passing on hardware, roll factories, converters, smashers, rotational furnaces, fans, ventilators, drive and transmission shafts. In numerous applications, the spherical roller bearing is mounted to the shaft in such an unpredictable plan that when the bearing should be supplanted, it is additionally important to eliminate every one of the neighboring parts.

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